Howden Group Achieves PDF Standardization

“Dealing with Nitro is a pleasure—they are not a faceless corporate entity, but engage with us proactively.”

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Howden and Nitro

A world-class engineering company based in Glasgow, UK, Howden provides high-quality air and gas handling products and services to a wide range of industries—from power and mining to oil, gas, and petrochemical.


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Serving an ever-growing team of 6,000 employees in 27 countries, Howden’s IT team needed a reliable document productivity partner to provide scalable solutions for the company. After reviewing the market-leading PDF solutions for functionality, usability, and cost, Howden chose Nitro as the solution best suited to solving its document and workflow challenges.

Before Nitro

  • After a review of PDF software in use across the organization, Howden uncovered 27 different PDF products and versions, resulting in a myriad of incompatibility challenges.
  • One-third of the installed PDF software was not the latest version and had outdated security patches, while many products did not offer product support or training resources.
  • A great deal of Howden’s users required PDF editing capabilities, and some associates were using multiple PDF products for printing and editing purposes.

Nitro products are feature-rich and extremely user-friendly, and we saw a significant impact on user productivity.

Aiden Curran, IT Service Delivery Manager at Howden

The Nitro Difference

Streamlined workflows

Users are able to secure documents and company IP with Nitro, creating a streamlined process and eliminating the need for—and cost of—additional tools.

Speed and efficiency

Employees leverage Nitro’s electronic signature functionality to digitally sign documents, reducing printing requirements and overall costs for Howden.

Change management

Howden’s IT team relies on Nitro’s training sessions and resources to educate users and accelerate adoption across the organization.

Thanks to Nitro, Howden has standardized its PDF solution, reducing the risk of non-compliance, bolstering security, and accelerating productivity across the organization.

Key Takeaways

checkbox Achieved PDF standardization

checkbox Enhanced security

checkbox Reduction in printing costs

checkbox Fast user adoption

From reviewing Nitro as a company, it was apparent that they are focused solely on PDF products and indeed own their IP, so this makes security releases and development key to their business support practices.

Aiden Curran
IT Service Delivery Manager at Howden

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