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By registering your deal, you’ll reap the full benefits of Nitro’s channel team, including support from an account executive, dedicated channel manager, solutions engineer, and customer success manager.

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Deal Reg T&Cs

  1. For a standard Deal Registration, the minimum opportunity size is 50 licenses.
  2. Partner must be in good standing with Nitro
  3. Partner must have active agreement with Nitro
  4. Partner must set up a meeting with the customer and Nitro in order for the deal reg to be approved by Nitro
  5. Nitro reserves the right to determine additional margin applicability on special priced deals
  6. Approved registration is good for 90 days and may be considered for an extension if certain behaviours are met
  7. On end user discounts greater than 20%, Nitro reserves the right to determine double margin applicability