Life at Nitro

We could tell you how great it is to work here, but it’s more fun to show you instead.

Nitro Gives

From fundraising events to charity walks to volunteer programs, donating our money and time is something we take pretty seriously here at Nitro. In fact, our Nitro Gives program helps Nitronauts make the world a better place by offering:

Volunteer time off

Sometimes making a big difference requires a little extra time, so we provide up to five days of paid volunteer time off to ensure you have the time you need.

Donation matching

Nitro will match 100% of your charitable giving, up to $500.

Charity partnerships

We frequently partner with local charities and programs, such as mentorship programs for high schoolers, to support and engage with the community.

Some sort of caption saying what this event was.

As a company, Nitro raised over $15,000 for the JDRF One Walk 2016.

Nitro Melbourne doing some cool stuff and things.

Acker being Acker.

I love working at Nitro because I get to do something I am passionate about and have the opportunity to make a difference.”

Erica Johnson
VP, People

Where skills and shenanigans meet

We believe in striking the perfect balance between “work hard, play hard.” Every day, we strive to create, collaborate, and innovate just a little better. But this doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously. Weekly happy hours, trivia nights, baking competitions, costume contests, and holiday parties give us a way to stay fresh—and an excuse to let loose.

holiday party 2019
Nitro Holiday Party 2019

Team outings

Because teams who play together, stay together.

Every year, the entire San Francisco office takes in a little fun in the sun with occasional baseball sprinkled in.

The Melbourne office doing a little kayaking.

For the love of body and mind

Since we know that wellness doesn’t look the same for any two people, we offer something for everyone:

A monthly fitness subsidy encourages you to work out how you like.

Our annual BAM (Body and Mind) Fest helps every Nitronaut feel their best with group workouts (ahem, SoulCycle), nutritionist counseling, fun competitions, and healthy meals.

Getting our soul cycle on.

Not sure if this was for BAM Fest or what, but it's awesome.

Nitro BAM Fest 2018

Getting our soul cycle on.

Throughout the year, a range of workshops—from 401(k) education to motivational speaker series— promote financial and emotional health.

Probably need to have some sort of caption here huh?

We'll cheers to that

With a fully stocked bar, weekly happy hours, and Beer Cart every Friday, we harbor a deep love for ice-cold beers and fine wine. We encourage our Nitronauts to sip in style with everything from beer club field trips to special wine tasting events. After all, every day at Nitro is worth toasting to.

Nitro Dublin
Nitro Beer Cart
Nitro Australia

The word culture is probably thrown around a lot, but what it means at Nitro is excellence. Everyone here wants to do the best job they can.”

David Sheerin
Product Manager

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