Best Practices for Transformational Healthcare: Digital Innovation and Document Productivity

With the Center for Disease Control and Prevention citing more than one billion patient visits in 2017 alone, the need for transformational healthcare is clearer now than ever. Healthcare institutions across the globe are examining current health information systems, evaluating the most modern solutions to track patients’ electronic medical records, billing activity, and test results, in addition to driving efficiency of people and processes.

One of the key ways that healthcare organizations will be able to keep up with rising demand and growing patient expectations is to implement a forward-thinking digital transformation strategy centered around document productivity and management.

Technology research and analysis firm GigaOm recently published a report that details best practices for digital transformation in healthcare, as well as the critical role document productivity plays in transformational healthcare. Download the report to gain key insights, actionable steps, and research-backed advice for achieving a more modern, digital, patient-centric healthcare institution.

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What you’ll find in this resource:

An analysis of the current state of healthcare transformation initiatives, including barriers and areas of opportunity for innovation.

Key requirements that every IT department should consider while assessing their digital strategy, health information technology, and document management solutions.

Helpful checklists that reveal opportunities to improve the digital—and thus, the patient—experience.