Ensure User Adoption with Effective Change Management

Whether you’re replacing an existing solution or introducing an entirely new tool, implementing new software can be difficult for everyone from executives to IT to end users. Nitro ensures your success by guiding you through every step of the change management process.

The Problem

Challenges with change

Human nature typically doesn’t favor change—and software implementations are no exception. Unfortunately, these change management challenges can overwhelm decision makers to the point where change isn’t initiated at all:

Strain on IT time and resources

Software implementations can require a significant amount of IT time and effort throughout each stage of the process— from establishing an initial technical fit to rolling out software across the organization to onboarding users.

User resistance to change

Convincing knowledge workers to uproot legacy processes and adopt new tools can be a tough sell, especially if they’re convinced that a new software will demand more time and effort from them.

Multiple user groups with varying needs

With a wide range of daily workflows, tasks, and objectives across the organization, selecting and deploying software that’s versatile enough to fulfill each department’s needs can seem unfeasible.

The Nitro Solution

Guided change management

As experts in change management, Nitro has over a decade of experience in helping our customers overcome implementation challenges. Instead of leaving our customers to navigate software changes by themselves, we partner with them to outline tailored solutions for everything from rollout and deployment to user training and beyond.

Nitro ensures overall change management success by accomplishing key milestones along the way:

Achieve buy-in

Nitro supports messaging and communications that help users and stakeholders understand how their new solution will save time, simplify processes, and uniquely benefit their daily workflows.

Accelerate user adoption

We provide rich training resources and custom implementation plans to encourage immediate use of the product and to ensure our solution fulfills varying user needs.

Increase companywide productivity

Whether users are transitioning from a different tool or have never had access to a PDF solution, we track usage analytics to help pinpoint existing inefficiencies and identify Nitro features that can streamline workflows.

Dealing with Nitro is a pleasure—they are not a faceless corporate entity, but engage with us proactively.”

Aiden Curran
IT Service Delivery Manager

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