Advance Your Digital Transformation Journey

You have digital goals. We’ll help you reach the finish line.

The Problem

Digital goals seems overwhelming and unattainable

Digital transformation is nothing new—but making measurable progress toward those digital objectives has proven difficult for many businesses across the globe.

89% of organizations are taking steps toward digital transformation.1

yet only

34% of these organizations report positive outcomes of their efforts.1

A mere 8% of IT executives believe they have achieved digital transformation.2

1 “Digital Transformation Delivering Business Outcomes,” Fujitsu, 2017
2 Ovum December 2017

Faced with an overwhelming array of daily responsibilities and digital transformation solutions, how do IT leaders begin to measurably modernize systems and digitize processes across the organization?

The Nitro Solution

Empower users with the right digital tools

Successful digital transformation begins on a foundational level, by equipping knowledge workers with strategic, easy-to-use tools that replace printing and legacy paper processes.

By transitioning to a fully digital workforce, you can:

Increase productivity

Eradicate paper-based processes to eliminate inefficiencies like the cycle of printing, signing, and scanning documents, as well as other daily burdens like filing documents and searching for misplaced files.

Streamline processes

By equipping all knowledge workers with digital tools, you’ll eliminate workflow bottlenecks that arise when only a few employees have access to a digital solution.

Enhance collaboration

Standardizing on digital tools for your workforce empowers teams to seamlessly collaborate—whether they’re securely sharing documents, annotating presentations, or tracking comments in real time.

Improve agility

By giving your employees the ability to access and manage their stored digital documents anytime, anywhere, they can become more connected, accomplish their work with greater agility, and deliver a better customer experience around the clock.

Gain insights

While paper documents are incapable of providing data and insights, digital documents can provide rich intelligence like who accessed a document when, or which pages were viewed and for what length of time. Organizations can then leverage this data to further optimize content, improve customer experience, and drive greater conversion.

By equipping knowledge workers with digital tools that accelerate daily workflows, organizations can build companywide digital transformation one employee at a time. As these digital processes become part of employees’ habits, digital transformation will gain momentum to create a more efficient, connected organization that delivers a differentiated experience to customers, suppliers, and employees.

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